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Singing Basics, Part III: The Vocal Warm-up

Here's the last installment in our Singing Basic video series: the vocal warm-up!

The exercises in this video are just a sampling of some of the simple yet effective vocal warm-ups that you can use on a daily basis to get your voice going. A couple of notes about each one:

The first one, the lip trills, require lots of breath! (This is why we do them.) In fact, they cannot succeed without a consistent breath stream.

The second one, sung on "vee" is a great way to connect breath energy to a vowel. Make sure that when you make the "v" sound, you are supporting it with your breath. Avoid tightening in the jaw or neck to make that consonant sound. The "ee" vowel is a great vowel to get height and brightness in the voice - in other words, resonance that will project. Again, make sure that your "ee" is not formed with horizontal mouth.

The last one, the "za" arpeggio, is good for getting a nice open vowel after you've energized the breath (with the lip trills) and connected that energized breath to a bright vowel (with the "vee's"). It is also good for legato, or smooth singing. MAKE SURE YOU ARE SAYING "AH," NOT "UH." "UH" IS NOT A VOWEL. K?

So here it is! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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